We reduce the environmental impact of our industry

Trust Flexitanks is committed to reduce the environmental impact of our industry. Although the flexitank has a very low" packaging per tonne of product moved" ratio, we continuously have to strive for further reduction.

Our one layer flexitank is made of only one raw material which makes recycling a lot easier. PE is a thermoplastic material, which means that it can be melted down and used for making new products virtually indefinitely.

In colaboration with film producers, we are constantly looking for thinner and more resistant film in order to reduce packaging per tonne moved.

In colaboration with COA (www.containerownersassociation.org) we are pushing to introduce recycling criteria in the Code of Practice for flexitanks.
In the bulkhead production as well, we are looking for more technical solutions that reduce the amount of steel used per bulkhead package.