Multilayer Flexitank

The Trust multilayer Flexitank is being produced exclusively in Europe on our complete automatic production line. Completely developed in house and first in the world!
automatic liner insert -- automatic welding -- automatic stitching  etc
We have reduced labor input by 80% compared to traditional Flexitank manufacturers.
This guarantees a very competitive cost base and a high quality Flexitank.
Machines never fail, humans do.
Our MADE  IN EUROPE label assures a perfect quality of our product, Trust Flexitanks has put in place a quality control program that goes way beyond the COA requirements:
Daily weld quality check
100% valve leakage test
Regular independent film analysis
Regular woven outer resistance checks
Strict and pro-active machinery maintenance plan
Trust Flexitanks guarantees the highest standards on quality and strength of our raw materials:
200GSM woven PP with silk for ultimate strength and rigidity;
Double 200mu layer food grade PE film exclusively sourced in Europe,
Trust reinforced PP ball valve with safety system and support board
In order to engineer the concept of the multilayer tank, Trust Flexitanks has profoundly studied the behavior of the multilayer Flexitanks during loading, transport and discharge.
A detailed risk analysis was the basis to improve and reinforce the Flexitank where it is necessary (reinforcement of valve area, double stitching, flexible boarders, new flexitank hanging system). Small details the eye does not see when buying a flexitank but vital to assure a safe trip of your liquids.
Trust Flexitank is the inventor of a new patented Flexitank hanging system that avoids stresscrack of the pillow shape Flexitanks during transport and helps the complete emptying of the bag at discharge.
The fitting process is very straightforward to avoid any possible errors at operation.
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