Technology and design applied to the manufacture of flexitanks

A flexitank is a high-risk packaging that must be produced with extreme caution.

At Trust flexitanks we look to the future, exploring new designs and production methods.

Our approach combined with technology and design, is what allows us to ensure a flexitank of the highest and constant quality.

Technology and automation

Design and automation are the pillars of our company.

The manual processes have been replaced by automated machinery that have made it possible for the processes to be faster and, above all, more constant, allowing a reduction of both costs and possible human errors. “Machines never have a bad day.”

We have multiple quality control sensors throughout the manufacturing process that detect any anomaly.

The machines that allow us to automate the whole process are the result of the study and innovation of our own engineers and all of them are protected by international patents.

Our production line guarantees our customers a high and continuous quality at a very competitive price, making it unique in the world.

Unique rectangular design for our single-layer Flexitank

During the last decade our team has developed a rectangular flexitank with a revolutionary design. The Flexitank is perfectly suited for 20-foot containers.

The problem of stress cracking that can occur in conventional designs such as “Pillow type” or “cut triangles” is caused mainly by excess film in the corners of the container.

Our rectangular flexitank adapts perfectly to the shape of the container. The film rests against the corners of the container without creating creases or sharp points so that no areas of excessive tension are created, thus reducing the force exerted on the film by 80%.


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4 September, 2018

Aseptic Flexitank

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